How We Meet You

When you arrive at Wadi Rum Visitor Centre you should buy your entrance ticket, which costs 5 JD per person ( if you have the Jordan pass you won’t need to pay for the entrance it’s included to the Jordan pass). When you are in the office to get your ticket, simply ask the person who is working there for Bedouin Lifestyle Camp. He will call us by phone and then you will drive the 5 km in your car to Wadi Rum village. We will meet you in the Resthouse, the restaurant in the beginning at Wadi Rum village.

Alternately, if you are coming by bus, have the driver call us when you are at the Visitor Center, and the bus will drop you off at the Resthouse, where we will pick you up.

If you are coming by a taxi which we have arranged, the driver will take you directly to our office.

How to come to Wadi Rum

From Amman: There are many buses going to Aqaba or Petra. You can take the JETT buses ( or the Trust buses. We generally recommend JETT buses since they are reasonably priced and comfortable, with padded seats and air conditioning.

We also can arrange a taxi for you, which will cost 25JD from Aqaba or 35JD from the border or the Ferry Port. This is a service that we provide at no additional charge for your convenience.

From Petra: There is a daily bus which arrives between 8am and 8:30am in the village of Wadi Rum, which costs 7 JD per person. Your accomodation in Petra can give you more information on how to catch this bus. We also can arrange a taxi for you which will cost you 40 JD and can take a maximum of 4 passengers.

How to get away

To Aqaba: You can get the bus returning to Petra at 8:30 am to the highway junction and from there take a second bus to Aqaba  . We also can arrange a taxi for you to the centre of Aqaba for 25JD, or 35 JD to the border, south beach or ferry port.

To Petra: As long as tourists are coming from Petra then there will be a bus in the morning between 8 am and 8:30 am that will take you directly to Petra. This will cost you 7JD per person.We also can arrange a taxi for you which costs 40 JD.

To Amman: Either go to Aqaba or to Petra and get a bus from there. There are more frequent buses from Aqaba. If in a hurry, we can arrange a taxi direct to Amman that costs 100 JD