Jabel Burdah Tour

The tour itinerary,

From Wadi Rum , we will drive you through the desert to Jebel Burdah, some 30 km to the south. This is a magnificent drive through the far valleys of Wadi Rum and crossing the beautiful and lonely White Desert. You will have a guided hike to the top which usually takes about 2 hours. After hiking down again, you guide will start cooking your lunch and you can rest for about 2 hours. After the lunch we will drive you to the White Desert where you can hike for 2 hours before we drive you back to the Bedouin Lifestyle Camp. From camp you can watch the beautiful sunset and enjoy the peacefulness of the desert.

After the sunset , we will drive you back to Rum village

Our Tours Run from 2 pax only.

The price:

2-4 people 50 JD per person
5-8 people 40 JD per person
9 people and more 25 JD per person
Children under 10 years 50%
Children under 2 years free

If you would like to book this as a private tour, 20 JD extra per person

The price includes: * Hiking and scrambling guide with a jeep tour, boxed lunch water and Bedouin tea.

Starting Time: 10-11 am

You can Book this tour Now from Here: Online Booking

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