Jabel Al hash with overnight stay

The tour itinerary,

From Wadi Rum Village, We will drive you directly to Alhash mountain where we will have 5 hours hiking in crossing the mountain. Your hiking and scrambling guide will be with you to escort you the way and to provide all of the necessary equipment.This is a simple climb. This route is very exciting with some incredible views. We will start scrambling from the eastern side of the mountain and cross the valley when we arrive at the top is 1700m above sea level you will see the differences between colors of the desert mountains and sands. Then we will down from the other side of the mountain. When we get down we will have lunch and Bedouin tea with a rest. Then We will drive you to the White Desert where you can hike for 2 hours before. After that, We take you to the sunset area, where you will enjoy watching the sunset. After the sunset, We take you to our Bedouin Camp,  where you spend the night. Next day, after breakfast we will pick you up to Wadi Rum village.

Next Morning It’s optional to Back from the camp to Village on Camel. It cost 25 JD

The price:

1 person: 120 JD
2-4 people 85 JD per person
5-8 people 45 JD per person
9 people and more 35 JD per person
Children under 10 years 50%
Children under 2 years free 

If you are interested in staying the night in a Panoramic tent this costs you 25 JD extra per person

The price includes:

– Al hash Mountain tour
– Bedouin Hiking Guide with a jeep.
– Overnight stay
– Water and Bedouin tea.
– Bedouin Dinner and Breakfast
– Bedouin Lunch
– The Drive to Wadi Rum village the next morning. 

If you would like to book this as a private tour, 20 JD extra per person

Starting Time: This tour starts at 10:00-11:00 am.  If you arrive late you can do the tour in the next day after staying the overnight at our camp

You can Book this tour Now from Here: Online Booking

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